Dive sites

When you go diving in the Maldives, you will not only get the experience of a life time. But also a memory for life. Aquatic life is the best here, you will for sure experience Manta Rays, Sharks and Turtles. Whale sharks are very common here, and are spotted often. Scuba diving at South Male Atoll features fish in schools of sizeable numbers, big pelagic fish, plenty of soft corals and caves as well as one wreck. Join in or book your private diving trip with Manta Divers and you will get the best dive of your life. Below you can read a little about the dives sites here in Maldives.

Guraidhoo Kandu

Guraidhoo Kandu South is a large underwater region with a variety of channels, reef plateaus, walls and drop-offs. The diversity of topography is reflected in the many animal attractions here, from Moray Eels, Lion Fish, Squirrel fish, soft corals and fans occupying the colourful chamber dwellings, to schooling trevallies and sharks patrolling the reef channels and walls The entire Guraidhoo channel, between Guraidhoo Faru and Maadhoo Falhu is a Protected Marine Area. There are in fact two channels, Losfushi Kandu and Guraidhoo Kandu, separated in the middle by a reef known as Medhu Faru.

Guraidhoo Corner

With either an outgoing or ingoing current, ranging from small to strong, Guraidhoo Corner promises a wide range of fish life. The outside reef has many reef fish including schools of Bannerfish, groupers, fusiliers, rainbow runners, tuna, trevally congregate, napoleons and grey reef sharks. Inside the channel there are a series of caves and overhangs with fans, sponges and soft corals.

Losfushi Kandu / Corner

The channel on the north side of Medu Faru has a very shallow, narrow sandy entrance. he current ranging from small to medium allows for an enjoyable dive along the outer slope with plenty of marine life to discover. White tip reef sharks, Gobies, butterfly fish, schools of snapper, fusilier, tuna, napoleons, moray eels will be part of your underwater journey.

Medhu Faru

Medhu Faru is one of the most scenic drift dives in the area. With the current ranging from small to very strong, a number of overhangs allow for shelter when the current is strong. Wavering seafans are springing out from the ledge and the site offers an abundance of soft corals as well as the opportunity to view sharks, barracudas and napoleons in the open ocean while near the corner trevally, tuna, fusilier and sharks congregate.

Kandooma Thila

Kandooma Thila is a large, deep water pinnacle on the outer edges of the atoll. The current ranges between medium to very strong and attract grey reef sharks, eagle rays and large schools of fusiliers. Larger reef fish can be observed too, such as sweetlips, snappers and groupers. We descend into the blue and let the current drift us to the reef. Large tuna, giant trevally as well as spotted eagle rays are likely to ride the current with us making this one of the most exciting dives in the atoll.

Kandooma Caves

Kandooma Caves are one of the underwater marvels of the Maldives. The huge caves on the reef near Kandooma island consist of a group of 4 large caves in a row, with one over 50 metres. Current ranges between small to strong. With some of the overhangs blocking out much of the light it is recommendable to take a torch to discover the beauty in front of you. Inside are yellow sponges and small tube corals as well as giant morays. Along the reef we will encounter clown triggerfish, napoleons, angelfish and sweetlips.

Kuda Giri

This steel wreck is located on the south west side of a small reef west of Dhigufinolhu and was purposely sunk for divers to enjoy. It lies upright between 20 and 35 metres and is ideal for beginners and night divers. The wreck is home to many small fish including a leaf fish if you are lucky enough to find it. You may also encounter yellow sweepers and blue fin trevally swimming near by as well as a large school of bat fish. After exploring the wreck, numerous caves and overhangs filled with soldier fish and groupers offer another lovely facet to the dive.

Cocoa Corner

Cocoa Corner is located on the north side of Biyaadhoo Kandu and has many caves and overhangs near the corner with beautiful soft and hard corals, sea fans and sponges. Turtles as well as surgeon and black snappers can be seen along with fusiliers and sometimes white tip sharks and spotted eagle rays. The current ranges from small to strong.